Systematic catalogue of native genera and species

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Polydesmida: Dalodesmidea
Polydesmida: Haplodesmidae
Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae
Polydesmida: Pyrgodesmidae


Order Chordeumatida Pocock, 1894
Suborder Heterochordeumatidea Shear, 2000
Family Metopidiotrichidae Attems, 1907
Australeuma Golovatch, 1986
Australeuma gladifer Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Vic]
Australeuma golovatchi Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Australeuma jeekeli Golovatch, 1986 [Tas]
Australeuma mauriesi Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Australeuma peckorum Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [WA]
Australeuma simile Golovatch, 1986 [Tas]
Neocambrisoma Mauriès, 1987
Neocambrisoma cachinnus Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Neocambrisoma fieldensis Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Neocambrisoma raveni Mauriès, 1987 [NSW]
Nesiothrix Shear and Mesibov, 1997
Nesiothrix mangana Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Nesiothrix medialis Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Tas]
Nesiothrix tasmanica (Golovatch, 1986) [Tas]
Reginaterreuma Mauriès, 1987
Reginaterreuma daviesae Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma major Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma monroei Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma tarkinensis Shear and Mesibov, 1995 [Tas]
Reginaterreuma unicolor Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Reginaterreuma victorianum Shear and Mesibov, 1997 [Vic]

Family Peterjohnsiidae Mauriès, 1987
Peterjohnsia Mauriès, 1987
Peterjohnsia basimontana Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia ludovicensis Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia summa Mauriès, 1987 [Qld]
Peterjohnsia titan Shear and Mesibov, 1994 [Tas]  


Order Polydesmida Pocock, 1887
Suborder Dalodesmidea Hoffman, 1980
Family Dalodesmidae Cook, 1896
Atalopharetra Mesibov, 2005
Atalopharetra bashfordi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra clarkei Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra eberhardi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atalopharetra johnsi Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Atrophotergum Mesibov, 2004
Atrophotergum bonhami Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum montanum Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum pastorale Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum silvaticum Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum sodalis Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Atrophotergum wurrawurraense Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus Mesibov, 2004
Bromodesmus catrionae Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus militaris Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus riparius Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Bromodesmus rufus Mesibov, 2004 [Tas]
Cernethia Mesibov, 2015
Cernethia inopinata Mesibov, 2015 [NSW]
Dasystigma Mesibov, 2003
Dasystigma bonhami Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Dasystigma huonense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Dasystigma margaretae (Jeekel, 1984) [Tas]
Dasystigma tyleri Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Dysmicodesmus Mesibov, 2010
Dysmicodesmus jeekeli Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Gasterogramma Jeekel, 1982
Gasterogramma austrinum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma extremum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma imber Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma plomleyi Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma psi Jeekel, 1982 [Tas]
Gasterogramma rusticum Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma tarkinense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gasterogramma wynyardense Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Gephyrodesmus Jeekel, 1983
Gephyrodesmus arcuatus Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Vic]
Gephyrodesmus cineraceus Jeekel, 1983 [NSW, Vic]
Gephyrodesmus coolahensis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Gephyrodesmus regilacus Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Ginglymodesmus Mesibov, 2005
Ginglymodesmus penelopae Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Ginglymodesmus sumac Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Ginglymodesmus tasmanianus Mesibov, 2005 [Tas]
Lissodesmus Chamberlin, 1920
Lissodesmus adrianae Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus alisonae Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus anas Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus bashfordi Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus blackwoodensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus catrionae Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus clivulus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus cognatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus cornutus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus devexus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus dignomontis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus gippslandicus Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus grampianensis Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Lissodesmus hamatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus horridomontis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus inopinatus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus johnsi Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus latus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus macedonensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus martini (Carl, 1902) [Vic]
Lissodesmus milledgei Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus modestus Chamberlin, 1920 [Tas]
Lissodesmus montanus Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus nivalis Mesibov, 2018 [Tas]
Lissodesmus orarius Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus otwayensis Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Lissodesmus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus perporosus Jeekel, 1984 [Tas]
Lissodesmus plomleyi Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Lissodesmus tarrabulga Mesibov, 2006 [Vic]
Orthorhachis Jeekel, 1985
Orthorhachis catherinae Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis cavatica Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Orthorhachis celtica Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis christinae Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis durabilis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Vic]
Orthorhachis gloriosa Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis inflata Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis jubata Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis kerewong Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis monteithi Mesibov, 2008 [Qld]
Orthorhachis oresbia Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Orthorhachis pallida Jeekel, 1985 [Qld]
Orthorhachis paradoxalis Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Orthorhachis serrata Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis tallagandensis Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis vinnula Mesibov, 2008 [Vic]
Orthorhachis weiri Mesibov, 2008 [NSW]
Orthorhachis yabbra Mesibov, 2008 [NSW, Qld]
Paurodesmus Chamberlin, 1920
     [synonym: Queenslandesmus Verhoeff, 1924]
Paurodesmus acutangulus Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Paurodesmus sjoestedti (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Setoisenoton Mesibov, 2010
Setoisenoton pallidus Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Sphaerotrichopus Attems, 1911
Sphaerotrichopus cornutus Verhoeff, 1936 [WA]
Sphaerotrichopus ramosus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Tasmaniosoma Verhoeff, 1936
Tasmaniosoma alces Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma anubis Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma armatum Verhoeff, 1936 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma aureorivum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma australe Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma barbatulum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma bruniense Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma cacofonix Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma clarksonorum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma compitale Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma decussatum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma fasciculum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma fragile Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma gerdiorivum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma hesperium Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma hickmanorum Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma interfluminum Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma laccobium Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma maria Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma nicolaus Mesibov, 2015 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma orientale Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmaniosoma warra Mesibov, 2010 [Tas]
Tasmanodesmus Chamberlin, 1920
Tasmanodesmus hardyi Chamberlin, 1920 [Tas]
Tasmanopeltis Mesibov, 2006
Tasmanopeltis grandis Mesibov, 2006 [Tas]
Victoriombrus Mesibov, 2004
Victoriombrus acanthus Mesibov, 2004 [Vic]
Victoriombrus seminudus Mesibov, 2004 [Vic]
Family uncertain within suborder Dalodesmidea
Asphalidesmus Silvestri, 1910
Asphalidesmus allynensis Mesibov, 2011 [NSW]
Asphalidesmus bellendenkerensis Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus carbinensis Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus dorrigensis Mesibov, 2011 [NSW]
Asphalidesmus golovatchi Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Asphalidesmus leae Silvestri, 1910 [Tas]
Asphalidesmus magnus Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus minor Mesibov, 2011 [Qld]
Asphalidesmus otwayensis Mesibov, 2011 [Vic]
Asphalidesmus parvus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Tas]
Noteremus Mesibov, 2009
Noteremus infimus Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Noteremus summus Mesibov, 2009 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus Mesibov, 2003
Paredrodesmus aceriodendron Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus australis Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus bicalcar Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus monticolus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus purpureus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Paredrodesmus taurulus Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Procophorella Mesibov, 2003
Procophorella bashfordi Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]
Procophorella innupta Mesibov, 2003 [Tas]  


Order Polydesmida Pocock, 1887
Suborder Polydesmidea Pocock, 1887
Family Haplodesmidae Cook, 1895
Agathodesmus Silvestri, 1910
     [synonym: Atopogonus Carl, 1926]
Agathodesmus adelphus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus aenigmaticus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus agnus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus anici Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus bonang Mesibov, 2013 [Vic]
Agathodesmus bucculentus (Jeekel, 1986) [Qld]
Agathodesmus carorum Mesibov, 2013 [NSW, Vic]
Agathodesmus chandleri Mesibov, 2013 [SA]
Agathodesmus gayundah Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus hahnensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus johnsi Mesibov, 2009 [NSW]
Agathodesmus kerensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus kirrama Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus millaa Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus morwellensis Mesibov, 2013 [Vic]
Agathodesmus parapholeus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus quintanus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus sagma Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus steeli Silvestri, 1910 [NSW]
Agathodesmus summus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Agathodesmus yuccabinensis Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus Silvestri, 1910
Prosopodesmus crater Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus kirrama Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus monteithi Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Prosopodesmus panporus Blower and Rundle, 1980 [Qld]  


Order Polydesmida Pocock, 1887
Suborder Strongylosomatidea Brölemann, 1916
Family Paradoxosomatidae Daday, 1889
Subfamily Australiosomatinae Brölemann, 1916
Tribe Antichiropodini Brölemann, 1916
Aethalosoma Jeekel, 2006
Aethalosoma solum Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Antichiropus Attems, 1911
Antichiropus alastairi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus alatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus anconus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus axicius Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus baudini Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus buchanorum Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cavernus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cincinnus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus cuspis Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus digitatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus equinus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus exclamatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus fossulifrons Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus framenaui Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus giganteus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus howardi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus humphreysi Shear, 1992 [WA]
Antichiropus incomptus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus inflatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus inopinatus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus kealleyi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus lacustrinus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus laticlavius Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus mammillifer Jeekel, 1982 [SA]
Antichiropus minimus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus monacanthus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus nadineae Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus nanus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus paracalothamnus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus rex Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus sagittulus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus saxatilis Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus serratus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus simpulus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus succedaneus Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus sulcatus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus variabilis Attems, 1911 [WA]
Antichiropus westi Car and Harvey, 2014 [WA]
Antichiropus whistleri Attems, 1911 [WA]
Atropisoma Silvestri, 1897
Atropisoma elegans Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Aulacoporus Verhoeff, 1924
Aulacoporus affinis Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Aulacoporus castaneus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Aulacoporus yarrabahnus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Australodesmus Chamberlin, 1920
Australodesmus divergens Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Brochopeltis Verhoeff, 1924
Brochopeltis mediolocus Mesibov, 2015 [NT]
Brochopeltis mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
     [synonym: Brochopeltis mjoebergi queenslandica Verhoeff, 1924]
Dicranogonus Jeekel, 1982
Dicranogonus pix Jeekel, 1982 [Tas, Vic]
Helicopodosoma Verhoeff, 1924
     [synonyms: Helicopodosomella Verhoeff, 1924, Otoplacosoma Verhoeff, 1924]
Helicopodosoma bivittatum (Verhoeff, 1924) [WA]
Helicopodosoma melas (Verhoeff, 1924) [WA]
Helicopodosoma vittigerum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Howeosoma Jeekel, 2006
Howeosoma carbo Jeekel, 2006 [LHI]
Howeosoma macer Jeekel, 2006 [LHI]
Mjoebergodesmus Verhoeff, 1924
Mjoebergodesmus annulatus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Notodesmus Chamberlin, 1920
Notodesmus scotius Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW, Tas, Vic]
Pogonosternum Jeekel, 1965
Pogonosternum adrianae Jeekel, 1982 [Vic]
Pogonosternum jeekeli Decker in Decker et al., 2017 [NSW, Vic, Tas]
Pogonosternum laetificum Jeekel, 1982 [Vic]
Pogonosternum montanum Decker in Decker et al., 2017 [NSW, Vic]
Pogonosternum nigrovirgatum (Carl, 1902) [Tas, Vic]
Pseudostrongylosoma Verhoeff, 1924
Pseudostrongylosoma sjoestedti Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Solaenodolichopus Verhoeff, 1924
     [synonyms: Paraulacoporus Verhoeff, 1928, Parwalesoma Verhoeff, 1937]
Solaenodolichopus pruvoti (Brolemann, 1931) [Qld; introduced in ?SA, WA]
     [synonym: Solaenodolichopus annulatus Verhoeff, 1941]
Solaenodolichopus rubriventris (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW, Qld]
Solaenodolichopus sulcatus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Solaenodolichopus teres (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Solaenodolichopus vittatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
     [synonym: Solaenodolichopus vittatus dorsalis (Verhoeff, 1924)]
Solaenodolichopus walesius (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
     [synonym: Parwalesoma castaneum Verhoeff, 1937]
Stygiochiropus Humphreys and Shear, 1993
Stygiochiropus communis Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Stygiochiropus isolatus Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Stygiochiropus peculiaris Shear and Humphreys, 1996 [WA]
Stygiochiropus sympatricus Humphreys and Shear, 1993 [WA]
Taxidiotisoma Mesibov and Car, 2015
Taxidiotisoma portabile Mesibov and Car, 2015 [NSW; introduced in Tas, Vic]
Tridactylogonus Jeekel, 1982
Tridactylogonus obscurus Jeekel, 1982 [SA]
Tridactylogonus rugosissimus Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
Tridactylogonus warrenbenensis Mesibov, 2017 [SA]
Walesoma Verhoeff, 1928
Walesoma helmsii Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW, Qld]
Tribe Australiosomatini Brölemann, 1916
Akamptogonus Attems, 1914
     [synonyms: Tricladosoma Brölemann, 1916, Zelanodesmus Chamberlin, 1920]
Akamptogonus caragoon Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Akamptogonus novarae (Humbert and de Saussure, 1869) [NSW native?, introduced in Tas, WA, overseas]
     [synonyms: Orthomorpha triaina Attems, 1911, Zelanodesmus australianus Chamberlin, 1920]
Archicladosoma Jeekel, 1984
Archicladosoma magnum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Australiosoma Brölemann, 1913
     [synonym: Rhopalowales Verhoeff, 1928]
Australiosoma clavigerum (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Australiosoma combei Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Australiosoma fulbrighti Rowe and Sierwald, 2006 [NSW]
Australiosoma inusitatum Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Australiosoma laminatum Jeekel, 1984 [NSW]
Australiosoma michaelseni (Attems, 1931) [NSW]
Australiosoma nodulosum Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Australiosoma rainbowi Brölemann, 1913 [NSW]
Binarcifer Mesibov, 2013
Binarcifer superbus Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Boreohesperus Shear, 1992
Boreohesperus alcyonis Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Boreohesperus capensis Shear, 1992 [WA]
Boreohesperus curiosus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus delicatus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus dubitalis Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus furcosus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus psittacinus Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Boreohesperus undulatus Car and Harvey, 2013 [WA]
Boreohesperus vascellus Car and Harvey, 2017 [WA]
Cladethosoma Chamberlin, 1920
     [synonyms: Leucotessara Verhoeff, 1928, Walestessara Verhoeff, 1937]
Cladethosoma calcaratum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Cladethosoma cruciatum (Verhoeff, 1937) [NSW]
Cladethosoma forceps (Verhoeff, 1941) [NSW, Vic]
Cladethosoma (Haplethosoma) gladiator Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Cladethosoma inflatum Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Cladethosoma lucidum (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Cladethosoma monticola Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma musgravei Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma toowoomba Mesibov, 2018 [Qld]
Cladethosoma tortuosum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Cladethosoma trilineatum (Newport, 1844) [NSW]
     [synonyms: Cladethosoma clarum (Chamberlin, 1920), Australiosoma verhoeffi Attems, 1931]
Cladethosoma uncinatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Dicladosoma Brölemann, 1913
Dicladosoma etheridgei (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW, Vic]
Dicladosomella Jeekel, 1982
Dicladosomella abstrusa Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella anaticula Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella apparitor Car, 2015 [ACT,NSW]
Dicladosomella arida Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella cerberus Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella claridgei Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella coctilicia Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella cygnea Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella fagina Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella georgii Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella hippica Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella imbrialis Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella mesibovi Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella modesta Jeekel, 2007 [ACT,NSW]
Dicladosomella oraria Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella perplexa Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella pollex Car, 2015 [ACT]
Dicladosomella segmentata Jeekel, 1982 [NSW]
Dicladosomella vascula Car, 2015 [NSW]
Dicladosomella vexillifera Car, 2015 [NSW]
Eungellosoma Mesibov, 2013
Eungellosoma leichhardti Mesibov, 2013 [Qld]
Gigantowales Verhoeff, 1937
Gigantowales chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Gigantowales latescens Jeekel, 2000 [NSW]
Heterocladosoma Jeekel, 1968
Heterocladosoma asperum (L. Koch, 1867) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma bifalcatum (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld, ?introduced in NSW]
Heterocladosoma galaxias Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Heterocladosoma hamuligerum (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma trabeatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Heterocladosoma transversetaeniatum perarmatum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Heterocladosoma transversetaeniatum transversetaeniatum (L. Koch, 1867) [Qld]
Heterocladosoma zebratum Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Hoplatessara Verhoeff, 1928
     [synonym: Hoplatessaropus Verhoeff, 1941]
Hoplatessara anulata (Attems, 1931) [NSW]
Hoplatessara clavigera Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW, Vic]
Hoplatessara froggatti (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW]
Hoplatessara luxuriosa (Silvestri, 1895) [NSW, ?Qld; ?PNG]
Hoplatessara musgravei Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Hoplatessara nigrocingulata Jeekel, 1984 [NSW, ?Vic]
Hoplatessara prativaga Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Hoplatessara pugiona Verhoeff, 1941 [NSW, Vic]
Hoplatria Verhoeff, 1941
Hoplatria clavigera Verhoeff, 1941 [NSW]
Isocladosoma Jeekel, 1984
Isocladosoma (Centrocladus) dissimile Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Isocladosoma guttatum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Isocladosoma maculatum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Isocladosoma pallidulum Jeekel, 1984 [Vic]
Myallosoma Verhoeff, 1928
Myallosoma auritum Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Myallosoma hamuligerum hamuligerum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Myallosoma hamuligerum furculigerum Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Orocladosoma Jeekel, 2000
Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW, Vic]
Paraustraliosoma Verhoeff, 1924
Paraustraliosoma malandense (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Perittogonopus Jeekel, 2003
Perittogonopus perplexus Jeekel, 2003 [NSW]
Phyllocladosoma Jeekel, 1968
Phyllocladosoma andersoni (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Phyllocladosoma annulatipes (Verhoeff, 1924) [NSW,Qld]
Phyllocladosoma broelemanni (Verhoeff, 1941) [Qld]
Phyllocladosoma dorrigense (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Somethus Chamberlin, 1920
     [synonym: Oncocladosoma Jeekel, 1985]
Somethus biramus Jeekel, 1984 [NSW, Vic]
Somethus castaneus (Attems, 1944) [SA]
     [synonyms: Oncocladosoma castaneum ingens Jeekel, 1985,
      Oncocladosoma clavigerum Jeekel, 1985, Oncocladosoma conigerum Jeekel, 1985]
Somethus flavipes Jeekel, 2007 [NSW]
Somethus fuscipes Chamberlin, 1920 [Australia]
Somethus grossi Jeekel, 1985 [SA]
Somethus inflatus (Jeekel, 2002) [SA]
Somethus lancearius Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
Somethus mesibovi Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Somethus scopiferus Jeekel, 2002 [SA]
     [synonym: Somethus modicus Jeekel, 2002]
Somethus tasmani Jeekel, 2006 [Tas]
Streptocladosoma Jeekel, 1980
Streptocladosoma albovittatum Jeekel, 1980 [Qld]
Streptocladosoma dissimile Jeekel, 1980 [Qld]
Streptocladosoma solum Jeekel, 1987 [Qld]
Incertae sedis within Australiosomatinae
Eustrongylosoma transversefasciatum Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Polydesmus gervaisi Lucas, 1840 ['Nouvelle Hollande']
Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) innotatus Karsch, 1881 [SA]
Polydesmus (Strongylosoma) sagittarius Karsch, 1881 [NSW]
Strongylosoma dubium L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Strongylosoma nigrum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma petersii L. Koch, 1865 [NSW]
Strongylosoma quaesitum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma robustior Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma rubrimarginatum Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]
Strongylosoma rubripes L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Strongylosoma semoni Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Not yet placed in subfamily
Desmoxytoides Mesibov, 2006
Desmoxytoides hasenpuschorum Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]
Tholerosoma Mesibov, 2006
Tholerosoma corrugatum Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]
Tholerosoma monteithi Mesibov, 2006 [Qld]  


Order Polydesmida Pocock, 1887
Suborder Polydesmidea Pocock, 1887
Family Pyrgodesmidae Silvestri, 1896
Asticopyrgodesmus Mesibov, 2012
Asticopyrgodesmus lamingtonensis Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Asticopyrgodesmus maiala Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Nephopyrgodesmus Mesibov, 2012
Nephopyrgodesmus eungella Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Notopyrgodesmus Mesibov, 2012
Notopyrgodesmus kulla Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Notopyrgodesmus lanosus Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]
Notopyrgodesmus weiri Mesibov, 2012 [Qld]  


Order Polyxenida Lucas, 1840
Family Lophoproctidae Silvestri, 1897
Lophoturus Brolemann, 1931
     [synonyms: Alloproctinus Jeekel, 1963, Oroxenus Chamberlin, 1955]
Lophoturus boondallus Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [QLD]
Lophoturus humphreysi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 2014 [CI]
Lophoturus molloyensis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [QLD]
Lophoturus queenslandicus (Verhoeff, 1924) [QLD; PNG]
Lophoturus speophilus Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, 2014 [CI]
Family Polyxenidae Lucas, 1840
Monographis Attems, 1907
     [synonym: Allographis Silvestri, 1948]
Monographis queenslandica Huynh and Veenstra, 2013 [Qld]
Propolyxenus Silvestri, 1948
Propolyxenus australis Short and Huynh, 2010 [SA, Tas, Vic]
Propolyxenus forsteri Condé, 1951 [Tas; NZ]
Unixenus Jones, 1944
Unixenus attemsi Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin and Condé, 1967 [WA]
Unixenus barrabaensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Unixenus carnarvonensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [WA]
Unixenus corringlensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Unixenus corticolus Short and Huynh, 2011 [NSW, Tas, Vic]
Unixenus karajinensis Short and Huynh, 2011 [WA]
Unixenus mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [WA]
Unixenus myallensis Short and Huynh, 2013 [NSW]
Family Synxenidae Silvestri, 1923
Phryssonotus Scudder, 1885
     [synonyms: Koubanus Attems, 1928, Kubanus Attems, 1926,
       Schindalmonotus Attems, 1926, Synxenus Silvestri, 1900]
Phryssonotus australis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [Tas, Vic]
Phryssonotus novaehollandiae (Silvestri, 1923) [NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA]
Phryssonotus occidentalis Huynh and Veenstra, 2018 [WA]  


Order Polyzoniida Cook, 1895
Family Siphonotidae Cook, 1895
Subfamily Siphonotinae Cook, 1895
Tribe Rhinotini Hoffman, 1977
Rhinotus Cook, 1896
     [synonyms: Boninozonium Takakuwa, 1942, Orsilochus Attems, 1900,
       Paraburenia Verhoeff, 1939, Paroconus Chamberlin, 1945]
Rhinotus michaelseni (Attems, 1911) [WA]
Rhinotus mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Tribe Siphonotini Cook, 1895
Siphonotus Brandt, 1837
Siphonotus brevicornis Pocock, 1903 [Vic]
Siphonotus flavomarginatus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Siphonotus latus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]  


Order Siphonophorida Hoffman, 1980
Family Siphonophoridae Newport, 1844
Rhinosiphora Verhoeff, 1924
Rhinosiphora mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Rhinosiphora nasuta (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Rhinosiphora nodulosa (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]  


Order Sphaerotheriida Brandt, 1833
Family Cyliosomatidae Jeekel, 1974
Cyliosoma Pocock, 1895
     [synonyms: Epicyliosoma Silvestri, 1917, Paracyliosoma Verhoeff, 1928]
Cyliosoma angulatum (Butler, 1878) [Qld]
Cyliosoma denticulatum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Cyliosoma excavatum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Cyliosoma fraternum (Butler, 1872) [Vic]
Cyliosoma froggatti Silvestri, 1917 [NSW]
Cyliosoma kurandanum Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Cyliosoma larvalis (Butler, 1878) [Qld]
     [synonym: Cyliosoma albertisii (Silvestri, 1895)]
Cyliosoma marginepunctatum (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Cyliosoma mjoebergi Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Cyliosoma pachygon Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Cyliosoma penicilligerum Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Cyliosoma penrithense Brölemann, 1913 [NSW]
Cyliosoma queenslandiae Brölemann, 1913 [Qld]
Cyliosoma queenslandicum Verhoeff, 1924 [NSW,Qld]
Cyliosoma sarahae (Moir and Harvey, 2008) [WA]
Cyliosoma sennae Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Cyliosoma sjoestedti Silvestri, 1917 [Qld]
Cyliosoma targionii Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Cyliosoma unicolor Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Cynotelopus Jeekel, 1986
Cynotelopus notabilis Jeekel, 1986 [WA]
Family Procyliosomatidae Wesener and VandenSpiegel, 2009
Procyliosoma Silvestri, 1917
     [synonyms: Cyliosomella Verhoeff, 1924, Syncyliosoma Silvestri, 1917]
Procyliosoma andersoni (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Procyliosoma aurivillii Silvestri, 1917 [Qld]
Procyliosoma castaneum (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Procyliosoma dorrigense (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Procyliosoma leae Silvestri, 1917 [Tas]
Procyliosoma tasmanicum Silvestri, 1917 [Tas]
Procyliosoma walesianum (Karsch, 1881) [NSW]
Incertae sedis
Sphaerotherium convexum C.L. Koch, 1847 ["New Holland"]
Zephronia glaberrima Attems, 1898 [Qld]  


Order Spirobolida Cook, 1895
Suborder Spirobolidea Cook, 1895
Family Rhinocricidae Brölemann, 1913
Acladocricus Brölemann, 1913
     [synonym: Adelobolus Verhoeff, 1924]
Acladocricus simplex (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Acladocricus transversesulcatus (Verhoeff, 1924) Qld]
Australocricus Jeekel, 2001
Australocricus diastatus (Chamberlin, 1947) [Qld]
Australocricus glabratus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Australocricus opulentus (Silvestri, 1895) [Qld]
Australocricus perditus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Qld]
Australocricus rotundatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Australocricus sennae (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld]
Australocricus sinuatulus (Chamberlin, 1920) [Qld]
Proporobolus Silvestri, 1897
     [synonyms: Cladiscocricus Brölemann, 1913, Pentocricus Schubart, 1951]
Proporobolus consimilis (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Proporobolus falcatus (Silvestri, 1897)) [Qld]
Proporobolus scobinula (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Salpidobolus Silvestri, 1897
     [synonyms: Dinematocricus Brölemann, 1913, Polyconoceras Attems, 1914]
Salpidobolus brevipes (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Salpidobolus coeruleolimbatus (Daday, 1891) [Qld]
Salpidobolus crepidatus (Karsch, 1881) [Qld]
Salpidobolus fasciculatus (Voges, 1878) ["New Holland"]
Salpidobolus faucium (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
Family Spirobolellidae Brölemann, 1913
Spirobolellus Pocock, 1894
     [synonyms: Attemsobolus Verhoeff, 1924, Carlobolellus Brolemann, 1931,
       Howeobolus Verhoeff, 1928, Poratobolus Verhoeff, 1924,
       Queenslandobolus Verhoeff, 1924, Strophobolus Chamberlin, 1920]
Spirobolellus australianus (Chamberlin, 1920) [NSW]
Spirobolellus bivittatus (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Spirobolellus dorsovittatus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Spirobolellus gemellus Jeekel, 2003 [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus granularis Jeekel, 2003 [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus immigrans (Chamberlin, 1920) [Australia]
Spirobolellus insularum (Verhoeff, 1928) [Lord Howe Island]
Spirobolellus kurandanus Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Spirobolellus lugubris (L. Koch, 1865) [NSW]
Spirobolellus mjoebergi (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Spirobolellus scheltemai Jeekel, 2002 [Qld]
Spirobolellus sjoestedti (Verhoeff, 1924) [Qld]
Walesbolus Verhoeff, 1928
Walesbolus lobatus Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Walesbolus rainbowi (Brölemann, 1913) [NSW]
Suborder Trigoniulidea Brölemann, 1913
Family Trigoniulidae Attems, 1909
Ainigmabolus Verhoeff, 1937
Ainigmabolus chisholmi Verhoeff, 1937 [NSW]
Austrostrophus Hoffman, 2003
Austrostrophus stictopygus Hoffman, 2003 [WA]
Speleostrophus Hoffman, 1994
Speleostrophus nesiotes Hoffman, 1994 [WA]
Trigoniulus Pocock, 1894
Trigoniulus burnetticus Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Trigoniulus comma Attems, 1898 [Qld]
Trigoniulus formosus Silvestri, 1895 [Qld]
Trigoniulus hebes Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Trigoniulus hemityphlus Verhoeff, 1924 [SA]
Trigoniulus insculptus blackalensis Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Trigoniulus insculptus insculptus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Trigoniulus montium Verhoeff, 1928 [NSW]
Zygostrophus Chamberlin, 1920
     [synonym: Prionopeza Attems, 1953]
Zygostrophus alterans Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Zygostrophus digitulus digitulus (Brölemann, 1913) [Qld]
     [synonym: Prionopeza serrulata Attems, 1953]
Zygostrophus digitulus richmondanus (Verhoeff, 1928) [NSW]
Zygostrophus ferruginopes Chamberlin, 1920 [Qld]
Zygostrophus targionii (Silvestri, 1898) [Qld]
Zygostrophus urallanus Chamberlin, 1920 [NSW]  


Order Spirostreptida Brandt, 1833
Suborder Cambalidea Cook, 1895
Family Cambalidae Bollman, 1893
Euryischiogonus Jeekel, 2009
Euryischiogonus barbulatus Jeekel, 2009 [NSW]
Stenischiogonus Jeekel, 2009
Stenischiogonus bacillifer Jeekel, 2009 [NSW]
Suborder Epinannolenidea Chamberlin, 1922
Family Iulomorphidae Verhoeff, 1924
Amastigogonus Brölemann, 1913
     [synonym: Euethogonus Chamberlin, 1920]
Amastigogonus danpicola Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus elephas Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus fossuliger Verhoeff, 1944 [Tas]
Amastigogonus hardyi (Chamberlin, 1920) [Tas]
     [synonym: Amastigogonus nichollsii Verhoeff, 1944]
Amastigogonus hellyeri Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus insularis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus michaelsae Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus orientalis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus peninsulensis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Amastigogonus tasmanianus Brölemann, 1913 [Tas]
Amastigogonus verreauxii (Gervais, 1847) [Tas]
Apocoptogonus Jeekel, 2006
Apocoptogonus fimbriatus Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Apocoptogonus penicillatus Jeekel, 2006 [NSW]
Atelomastix Attems, 1911
Atelomastix albanyensis Attems, 1911 [WA]
Atelomastix anancita Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix attemsi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix bamfordi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix bonhami Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Atelomastix brennani Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix culleni Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix danksi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix dendritica Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix ellenae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix flavognatha Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix francesae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix gibsoni Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix grandis Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix juliannae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix lengae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix longbottomi Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix mainae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix melindae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix montana Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix nigrescens Attems, 1911 [WA]
Atelomastix poustiei Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix priona Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix psittacina Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix rubricephala Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix sarahae Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix smithi Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Atelomastix solitaria Jeekel, 2009 [Vic]
Atelomastix tigrina Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Atelomastix tumula Edward and Harvey, 2010 [WA]
Dimerogonus Attems, 1903
Dimerogonus orophilus Attems, 1903 [NSW,?SA]
Dinocambala Attems, 1911
Dinocambala ingens Attems, 1911 [WA]
Equestrigonus Mesibov, 2017
Equestrigonus tasmaniensis Mesibov, 2017 [Tas]
Merioproscelum Verhoeff, 1924
Merioproscelum penicilligerum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Podykipus Attems, 1911
Podykipus affinis Verhoeff, 1924 [WA]
Podykipus collinus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Podykipus leptoiuloides Attems, 1911 [WA]
Proscelomerion Verhoeff, 1924
Proscelomerion serratum Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Samichus Attems, 1911
Samichus attemsii Verhoeff, 1944 [WA]
Samichus decoratus Attems, 1911 [WA]
Thaumaceratopus Verhoeff, 1924
Thaumaceratopus cervinus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Thaumaceratopus elongatus Verhoeff, 1924 [Qld]
Victoriocambala Verhoeff, 1944
Victoriocambala bidentata Jeekel, 2009 [Vic]
Victoriocambala buffalensis Verhoeff, 1944 [Vic]
Species inquirenda within Spirostreptida
Julomorpha flagelligera Silvestri, 1897 [Qld]
Iulomorpha pallipes Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Iulomorpha podenzanae Silvestri, 1898 [Qld]
Spirostreptus impressopunctatus L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]
Spirostreptus maritimus L. Koch, 1867 [Qld]