Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae: Australiosomatinae: Antichiropodini: Australodesmus species


Australodesmus divergens Chamberlin, 1920

  • Australodesmus divergens
  • Australodesmus divergens Chamberlin 1920: 107 (first description)
    Chamberlin, R.V. (1920) The Myriopoda of the Australian region. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 64(1): 1-269.
  • Australodesmus divergens Attems 1937: 278 (in catalogue of 'uncertain' genera)
    Attems, C. (1937) Myriapoda. 3. Polydesmoidea. I. Fam. Strongylosomidae. Pp. i-xxii, 1-300 in Das Tierreich 68. Walter de Gruyter and Co., Berlin.
  • Australodesmus divergens Jeekel 1968: 19 (in list of Australian species), 27 (in family revision)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1968) On the Classification and Geographical Distribution of the Family Paradoxosomatidae (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). C.A.W. Jeekel, Rotterdam, 162 pp.
  • Australodesmus divergens Jeekel 1971: 217 (in genus catalogue, as type of Australodesmus)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1971) Nomenclator generum et familiarum Diplopodorum: a list of the genus and family-group names in the Class Diplopoda from the 10th edition of Linnaeus, 1758, to the end of 1957. Monografieën van de Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging 5: i-xii, 1-412. [Dated 1970, published 1971]
  • Australodesmus divergens Jeekel 1979: 654 (redescription); Figs 4, 5 (p. 655)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1979) Notes on the classification of some little-known Australian paradoxosomatid genera (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). Journal of Natural History 13(5): 649-658.
  • Australodesmus divergens Jeekel 1981: 47 (in list of species recorded from eastern Australia)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1981) Australia Expedition 1980; legit C.A.W. Jeekel and A.M. Jeekel-Rijvers. List of collecting stations, together with general notes on the distribution of millipedes in eastern Australia and Tasmania. Verslagen en Technische Gegevens, Instituut voor Taxonomische Zoölogie (Zoölogisch Museum), Universiteit van Amsterdam 30: 1-59.
  • Australodesmus divergens Nguyen and Sierwald 2013: 1155 (in Paradoxosomatidae catalogue)
    Nguyen, A.D. and Sierwald, P. (2013) A worldwide catalog of the family Paradoxosomatidae Daday, 1889 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida). Check List 9(6): 1132-1353.
  • Holotype: Male, Kuranda, Qld, date unknown, W.M. Wheeler, MCZ 4625 [-16.8200 145.6360 ±10 km]
  • Paratype(s): None