Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae: Australiosomatinae: Australiosomatini: Orocladosoma species


Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum (Brölemann, 1913)

  • Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum
  • Australiosoma kosciuscovagum Brölemann 1913: 91 (in list of species included in Australiosoma), 94 (in species key), 100 (first description); Figs 18-20, pl. 15; Fig. 27 (p. 102)
    Brölemann, H.W. (1913) The Myriapoda in the Australian Museum. Part ii. Diplopoda. Records of the Australian Museum 10(6): 77-158, pls 14-18.
  • Australiosoma Kosciuskovagum Attems 1914: 225 (in species catalogue)
    Attems, C. (1914) Die indo-australischen Myriopoden. Archiv für Naturgeschichte (A) 80(4): 1-398.
  • Australiosoma Kosciuskovagum Brölemann 1916: 540 (in taxonomic discussion)
    Brölemann, H.W. (1916) Essai de classification des Polydesmiens (Myriapodes). Annales de la Société Entomologique de France 84: 523-608.
  • Australiosoma kosciuskovagum Chamberlin 1920: 105 (in species catalogue)
    Chamberlin, R.V. (1920) The Myriopoda of the Australian region. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 64(1): 1-269.
  • Australiosoma kosciuskovagum Attems 1937: 234 (in species key), 236 (redescription); Fig. 293 (p. 235)
    Attems, C. (1937) Myriapoda. 3. Polydesmoidea. I. Fam. Strongylosomidae. Pp. i-xxii, 1-300 in Das Tierreich 68. Walter de Gruyter and Co., Berlin.
  • Australiosoma kosciuskovagum Jeekel 1964: 106 (in taxonomic discussion)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1964) Notes on the genus Akamptogonus Attems, with descriptions of a new genus and species from New Guinea (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). Nova Guinea. Contributions to the Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology of the Papuan Region. Zoology. 29: 105-113.
  • Akamptogonus kosciuskovagus Jeekel 1968: 17 (in list of Australian species, as Australiosoma kosciuskovagum), 23 (new combination)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1968) On the Classification and Geographical Distribution of the Family Paradoxosomatidae (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). C.A.W. Jeekel, Rotterdam, 162 pp.
  • Australiosoma kosciuskovagum Hoffman 1979: 57 (in taxonomic discussion)
    Hoffman, R.L. (1979) An Australian polydesmoid milliped in San Francisco (Paradoxosomatidae). Wasmann Journal of Biology 37(1-2): 55-58.
  • Akamptogonus kosciuskovagus Jeekel 1981: 51 (in list of species recorded from eastern Australia)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (1981) Australia Expedition 1980; legit C.A.W. Jeekel and A.M. Jeekel-Rijvers. List of collecting stations, together with general notes on the distribution of millipedes in eastern Australia and Tasmania. Verslagen en Technische Gegevens, Instituut voor Taxonomische Zoölogie (Zoölogisch Museum), Universiteit van Amsterdam 30: 1-59.
  • Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum Jeekel 2000: 40 (designated type species of Orocladosoma)
    Jeekel, C.A.W. (2000) Millipedes from Australia, 12: Notes on the Paradoxosomatidae of New South Wales, with a key to the genera, and descriptions of a new genus and a new species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida). Myriapod Memoranda 2: 31-47.
  • Orocladosoma kosciuskovagus Rowe and Sierwald 2006: 533 (as synonym of Akamptogonus kosciuskovagus and Australiosoma kosciuskovagus)
    Rowe, M. and Sierwald, P. (2006) Morphological and systematic study of the tribe Australiosomatini (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidea: Paradoxosomatidae) and a revision of the genus Australiosoma Brölemann. Invertebrate Systematics 20(5): 527-556.
  • Orocladosoma kosciuskovagum Nguyen and Sierwald 2013: 1175 (in Paradoxosomatidae catalogue)
    Nguyen, A.D. and Sierwald, P. (2013) A worldwide catalog of the family Paradoxosomatidae Daday, 1889 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida). Check List 9(6): 1132-1353.
  • Holotype: Male, Pretty Point, Mt Kosciuszko, NSW, AM KS.76492 [-36.3818 148.4679 ±5 km]
  • Paratype(s): 1 female, not explicitly designated as paratype, details as for holotype, AM KS.76493
  • Note: Probably collected in March 1889 by Richard Helms (Helms 1890).